Vail's oldest steakhouse.

Loved by the locals and a must

try restaurant for everyone.

Russell's History


Started by Ron Riley and named after his father Russell; Russell's opened its doors in November of 1989. Vail was a different place back then and Russell's has evolved into a local favorite and must try restaurant in Vail. Russell's has gone through some changes over the year but the core of the restaurant has remained the same. Russell's has always served the best steaks in the Valley and the main menu changes were with the sides, salads and appetizers. Today, Russell's prides itself on the quality of the food and the special atmosphere the staff exudes. Our staff does not change from year to year so you will always see a familiar face.

Ron Riley

Ron Riley has been in Vail for over 55 years and helped transform Vail into what it is today. Ron is extremely passionate about skiing (why else would he move to Vail) and even started the employee ski race series. Like other locals, Ron came for the winters and stayed for the summers.

Ron has a always been an entrepreneur and businessman. A few years after he arrived in Vail, he started other restaurants and bars such as: The Slope, Baxters and Nicks. Ron also purchased Los Amigos in 1986. Long time locals probably remember the animated short: "Thank You Masked Man" which aired on the big screen in The Slope. Ron has recently retired and now his son Drew Riley is operating Russell's and Los Amigos.

Drew Riley

Drew has grown up in the restaurant industry and also graduated with a masters degree in mechanical engineering. Drew brings new life and ideas to the long established Russell's. This new life consists of updating the restaurants to implement new technology to increase efficiency. Even though there are changes to the restaurants, the heart and soul of Russell's remains and will remain the same.

Management Team


Michael Scola

Michael is the General Manager of Russell's for the past 13 years. Michael has curated our wine list to be the best for its value. Michael's personality has allowed him to develop friendships with customers. People love coming back year after year to have dinner at Russell's and see Michael. 

Michele Lewis

Michele is the other Manager and has been at Russell's for over 8 years. Michele has built a career in the food service industry. She brings a caring and attentive presence to Russell's strengthens the Russell's vibe.

Markus Gatter

Markus is the Executive Chef and has been with Russell's for over 15 years. Markus has worked in many of Vail's kitchens and loves to serve good food to people. Markus is the reason the food is consistent day in and day out.

228 Bridge Street

Vail, CO 81657


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