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Our Team

Ron Riley

Ron Riley has been in Vail for over 55 years and helped transform Vail into what it is today. Ron is extremely passionate about skiing (why else would he move to Vail) and even started the employee ski race series back in the day. Like other locals, Ron came for the winters and stayed for the summers.

Ron has a always been an entrepreneur and businessman. A few years after he arrived in Vail, he started other restaurants and bars such as: The Slope, Baxters and Nicks. Ron also purchased Los Amigos in 1978. Long time locals probably remember the animated short: "Thank You Masked Man" which aired on the big screen in The Slope. Ron has recently retired and now his son Drew Riley is operating Russell's, Los Amigos, and First Chair.

Drew Riley

Drew grew up in the restaurant industry. Drew graduated with a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Bucknell University. Drew brings new life and ideas to the deeply rooted Russell's. This new life consists of updating the restaurants to implement new technology to increase efficiency. Even though there are changes to the restaurants, the heart and soul of Russell's remains and will remain the same.

Management Team

Michele Lewis

Michele is the General Manager and has been at Russell's since 2001. Michele has built a career in the food and beverage industry. She loves to snowboard or ride her bike every day she can. She can show you some lines you probably have not heard of. She brings welcoming, caring and attentive presence to Russell's which only adds to the Russell's vibe.

Emma Mills

Emma is the Assistant Manager. She brings an energetic vibe to Russell's. Emma grew up in Nashville and graduated from Auburn University before moving to Vail in 2018. Emma is mostly focusing on the bar and bringing new and exciting offerings to a classic bar. 

Jason Bayle

Jason is our Executive Chef and has recently moved to Vail. Jason started at Russell's in 2022 and has elevated the classic dishes everyone loves. Jason looks to bring more unique items to Russell's as he is constantly thinking about improvements. Jason fits the Russell's vibe very well and we hope he sticks around for many years.

Luis Garcia

Luis is our Sous Chef and has been with Russell's since 1993. Luis prepares, grills, and delivers the same great food you expect year after year. He loves his family more than anything and is excited to see his sons succeed in this world. He is the rock in the foundation of Russell's.

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